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Snorkel for 91 NG V6 Petrol

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  • Snorkel for 91 NG V6 Petrol

    Good morning
    Can anyone direct me to a snorkel for my petrol NG?
    I found this mob but they are not shipping to Australia
    there are diesel kits on ebay that say they Will fit with some custom ducting, but I have no idea what that means and also not sure who could fit those for me. Maybe TJM would do it for a fitting fee.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Found this in Malaysia which seems to be the right kit for the 91 NG v6 Petrol ;

    and then there is a cheaper one one in australia made for the diesel that says " Will also fit 6G72 V6 petrol engine but custom ducting is required, not supplied in kit"

    I contacted the seller and they said " Yes, this snorkel kit does fit your car. However, as mentioned in our listing, customised/longer flexible hose might be required as the flexible hose that supplied in our kit might be not enough long for V6 petrol model to reach the air filter box."


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      according to this website, its simply a longer flex hose or concertina tube to reach the v6 airbox inlet

      Here is a some instructions on how to install the diesel version
      Mitsubishi Pajero NP Exceed V78W (Daily)
      Mitsubishi Pajero NG TURBOWAGON L149G (Sold)


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        Thanks mate !


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