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Petrol Turbo Trans?

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  • Petrol Turbo Trans?

    I have recently got my hands on a swb 1991 Gen1 (NG?) Pajero.
    I'm thinking of turboing the petrol 2.6 'astron' sometime. Shootng for around 15sec 1/4m performance (maybe want 250hp)
    I want some speed, But Im not building a drag car [stock v8 commodores will do 15's]

    The Pajero already runs a Magna EFI system.

    So queston now: how strong is the standard transmisson, Transfer, Hubs and shafts.
    what are common brakages?

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    dished pistons

    Ha, any project's a good project. Mate if you're really planning to go this route, there's a sigma/galant forum that might be able to give you some useful info.

    I have some dished piston sets that I took from a 2.6 sigma a while back. They've been kept nicely wrapped and will only cost you the postage to your place.


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      Yeah, Ive had a look at the sigma and galant forum.
      I could use a Sigma turbo exhaust manifold, but I can 'easily' make my own.

      Pm sent.


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        Can anyone point me to the sigma and galant forum please? Thanks. I'm on a 2.6L Starion engine. Is it very much similar to the sigmas and galants in Downunder? I'm from Singapore. Thanks.


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          Starions here had the 'sirus' 2.0 turbo engine.
          American Starion had a 'astron' 2.6 turbo.

          There was no 2.6 sirus.
          We did get a few 2.0 turbo astron sigmas.
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