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can you help with intermittent fault

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  • can you help with intermittent fault


    Can you help with intermittent problem? I couldn't find a phone number
    for the Pajero club to discuss so i'll try describe the problem I've
    got with my 1989 pajero thats got me stumped.

    On a number of occasions I'm driving along at speed when suddenly the
    car just stops. No spluttering or anything. I have to cut across lanes
    while I'm still rolling with no power to avoid breaking down in the
    middle of the freeway ! By the time the RACV arrive the car starts and
    drives normally...until the next time. It can be the next day or next
    month when it happens again. occasionally it has also failed to start
    (but still crank) while stationary. I've had it at various mechanics
    and had various work done to it but still the problem persists. I've
    had the fuel filter, fuel pump, ignition module, distributor cap and
    rotor button replaced. Earlier this year I had the timing belt replaced
    also. None of the mechanics computers can find the fault. One suggested
    it might be the crank angle sensor but I'm a bit reluctant to change
    that also without guarantee and they can't test if it is even faulty.

    Lately however when it happens I've noticed that I can start it by not
    cranking it over constantly but by just turning the key ever so
    slightly to just crank over and letting the key go. If I do this a few
    times i can usually get it going after a few minutes. Maybe it is the
    crank angle sensor? I'm no mechanic. But it feels like I'm playing
    russian roulette on the road. Any thoughts or suggestions for who could
    help. Please give me a call if possible on 98367552 or 0412294522 or [email protected]. I'm in Surrey Hills.


    Walter Repich

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    Not sure about your model but some ignition systems have a resistor in line to the coil feed to drop the voltage to about 9v when running. This resistor is bypassed when starting as 12v is applied to the coil to create a bigger spark while starting, so maybe that's your problem. Easy to test, just bypass it with a piece of wire with a couple of aligator clips and see if it runs then. Don't leave it bypassed for too long or the coil will overheat.
    Cheers, John.
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      Maybe have a good look at your ECU. Might be the capacitors leaking or starting to leak..
      NG and NH would have the same ECU and are notorious for crapping out.
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        Sounds like a classic crank angle sensor fault.

        If you're any good with a soldering iron you could try replacing the capacitors in the ECU - but I would expect your engine to run rough rather than on or off.
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          I have had the same issues with Commodore V6's crank sensors. There is a way to possibly confirm if the crank sensor is the fault that causes the engine to stop. The trick that is used on Commodore's is, when the engine stops and while it is still hot, without doing anything else, pour cold water over the crank sensor and if the engine starts, than you can be pretty sure it's the crank sensor, if it doesn't it's something else. Hope it works.

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