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Auto locking Hubs problem - one not locking in

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  • Auto locking Hubs problem - one not locking in

    Hi Guys, (And also hello, this is my first post, long time visitor though)

    One of my auto locking hubs, will not lock in. The light on the dash which indicates this isn't coming on either so at least it knows.

    They were both working, but it doesn't get driven very often, so i'd guess that's caused it.

    Any ideas as to what I can do to fix it. I've never pulled apart locking hubs before, so didn't want to go at it blindly.


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    It seems this mystery has changed a little.

    I went through the process of locking the hubs in, then jacked up the front to check the rotation of the front wheels. Not sure if this is conclusive, however the front wheels did not rotate freely.

    Switch problem I wonder? Not sure where to locate this.


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      Some more info perhaps, what model is your car? does it have super select? For it to have the lights for the front wheels, and for only one to be working imma guessing its only a globe. And if it does have super select, it doesnt have locking hubs - all the same with a model this can be cleared up
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        Oops, i'm sorry for being vague.

        My vehicle is an NE 2.6 SWB '88 model.

        I had a look last night, and I can't work out how the light on the dash is triggered by the hubs, the best idea I can come up with is that there is a switch on the transfer case, however after some playing around briefly, i can't confirm this.
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          Mate auto locking hubs are not hard to pull apart, I had a similiar problem with mine a couple of months ago. I pulled mine apart laying everthing out in the order that I pulled them apart in, cleaned all parts found nothing broken or missing so I lubricated all parts reassembled them and now everthing works great, only thing that I can put problem down to is that mine has done a lot of k's in 2wd and maybe factory lube had gone hard.

          Cheers Kevin,

          NG Exceed import diesel wagon set up for touring.


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            Other then the light, how do you know its not locking?


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              The gregory manual I have covers disassembling the auto hubs in good detail, it is a Gregorys No. 508. If you can't find one at your library etc I can send you a scan/photo of the relevant pages.
              '91 NH 2.5TD gq springs, side steps, 120L Diesel tank, Airflow Snorkel, Alloy Bull Bar.


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                Thanks for the replies, appreciated.

                Well... I feel really uneasy when this happens, but... It came good all by itself. Took the old brick out on the weekend, and it seems to be working just fine now. Performed flawlessly too.

                I don't like self fixing problems one bit



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