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1985-87 pajero a good 4wd??

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  • 1985-87 pajero a good 4wd??

    does anyone have any advice if the 85-87 petrol was a good did the autos hold up....just looking for a cheap 4wd to use on sand/island in harvey bay for pretty soft sand, been using a troopy but was a work car and now it gone...

    Did the auto hold up in 4wd conditions, and would the petrol be strong enough to takle soft sand conditions on fraser etc.

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    If a diesel troopy was fine, this would be a blessing in disguise - autos werent known for any major problems - gearbox's on the other hand.


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      The combination you describe seems a bit odd for an Aussie vehicle.

      The SWB came with the 2.6 petrol with manual- thirsty for the small size of the engine but very good offroad.

      Overseas had 3.0l v6 (with auto available) petrol in some of the SWB, this was an awsome combo from all accounts with a very good lsd in the rear.

      I have a auto in a diesel (import) which goes great. The auto is a great option in sand!

      Power to weight these things go great.
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        gear box??

        thanks for the heads up on the older pajeros....ive heard they were a capable little jigger.....what do you mean by the auto was a good box but the gear box was another there problems with the manual boxes......How do the clutchs hold up.....does the petrol pull alright thru sand and in that beachy enviroment.....They seem to be cheaper than the diesel.


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