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  • Help me plzzz

    Every now and again my rev gauge (standard) will stop working so i smack the cluster and it works again iv taken it off and check it abit but nothing seem to be wrong any ideas what i can try??
    89 LWB pajero 2.5lt DTI 2 inch suspension 2 inch body safari snorkle.

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    Hi Funky,

    Mine is doing the same, a 89 iTD and the rev counter needle sometimes works, then drops but if I rev the engine most times it will pick up and work again (or tap the cluster).

    It looks like a electric signal goes to the rev counter unit, I did take the cluster off to look but its prob a bad connection in the rev counter unit or its connections connections.

    Sorry I cannot be of more help, prob need to get another rev counter to connect to see if it is the original counter or the connections.



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      iv been trying to find a whole new cluster from wreackers but nothing 4 a 89 deisel im spewing i need to find one.

      when i fulled it apart (to fit my white dials) i didnt find anything wrong inside but now its starting to piss me off i might have to import one.
      89 LWB pajero 2.5lt DTI 2 inch suspension 2 inch body safari snorkle.


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        You are better off getting it repaired at a speedo repair place!
        Wreckers etc would probably have the same faulty crap!


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