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2.3 T/D Oil Pressure + Temp sender + Turbo Guage

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  • 2.3 T/D Oil Pressure + Temp sender + Turbo Guage

    I recently serviced my NC Pajero (2.3 T/D) and replaced the oil pressure sender and the engine temp sender.

    Unfortunately both replacements did not work.

    The oil pressure sender was bought off the shelf at Repco many months ago and looks nothing like the diaphram based sender I replaced on the car. When I first start the engine the pressure spikes off the scale then receedes back to 0. Has anyone replaced this part and know where I can get one from? Repco have a few difference ones that have to be ordered in, I don't want to waste time and effort getting several in, plus I will have to drain the oil again to replace it.

    I had a similar problem with the engine temp sender. The part Repco ordered in only had one blade to connect the wiring to, whereas the original has two blade. I went through the part-book looking for a similar piece, and saw a sender supposedly used for Mitsubishis and Holdens that was double bladed.

    When I got home I found the shaft was too wide for the hole and it doesn't screw in. Has anyone replace theirs and know where I can get the proper part?

    The next thing I want to do is to put a turbo boost guage where the (broken) inclinometer used to be, above the centre console on the dash. I know people have attempted this before, does anyone have information on where I can purchase a guage that will fit into the moulding without too much mucking about. And where should I pass the hose from the Tee on the turbo pipe through the engine bay and into the cabin?

    Sorry for the long post, and thanks for any help I can get.


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