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Turbo Cool Down Time - 1st Gen Pajero

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  • Turbo Cool Down Time - 1st Gen Pajero

    Hi folks,

    I'm a Canadian who just moved to Melbourne Australia and bought a 1st Gen (1988 Pajero LWB - Turbo Intercooled Diesel).

    I'm wondering since I'll be driving it on some long road trips in warm weather, how long do you all let the turbo cool down for before shutting the Pajero off?

    I know with my car back home I used to wait approx 1min and tried to drive slowly just before parking the car after a long road trip.

    Any advice is appreciated. A little history on her: 1988, original 110,000km, long wheel base.


    Some pics of her:

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    Hey Tim,

    I have a turbo timer on my Gen 1 and it's set for a minute.

    Then again I don't drive very hard, although i frequently do highway trips sitting on 100km/h for a good 20 mins or so.

    If I'm towing my trailer or 4wd'ing in mud or sand etc and I'm kicking it in the guts I might put it up to 2 or 3 mins if I'm in the mood.

    I only got the turbo timer last year, so it's been going for 18 years without one and the Mitsi guy said the turbo was in great condition so they must be pretty tough.

    2007 NS VRX DID Auto - ARB Bullbar, Dual Deep Cycle Batteries, Nightstalker HID's, Family Pack, Tow Bar & Lift, Illuminated Side-Steps, Bluetooth, Neoprene Seat Covers, Mio Digiwalker C520 GPS.
    1989 NG EXE Tdi Manual - Cooper ATR's on 16x8 Sunraysia's, Tough Dog 2" Lift


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      Thanks Rob,

      Much appreciated. I'll be doing some multi-hour trip up the middle in a week or so, so I'll give it a minute or two to cool down prior to shutting it off.



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        I also have the same one i got a turbo timer but my auto elec told me its not needed cos its not costantly red lining so to speek and the turbo doesnt get to the high temp if u go 4wding and give it to it abit then by the time ur back at camp its ok to switch off these turbos can handle alot driving at 100kmh for 2 or 3 hours is ok cos the rev sit at about 2500rmp thats not high enough to really get the temp going in the turbo but i always undo seat belt open door get my stuff then switch her off so mayb 10-15 sec is fine. hope this helps guys.
        89 LWB pajero 2.5lt DTI 2 inch suspension 2 inch body safari snorkle.


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          I have a timer on mine thats set for 1 minute, if im driving at 110km/h down the freeway or during very hot weather i'll let it run for longer.
          1989 NG Turbo Diesel, ARB Bullbar, IPF 900XS Lights, 31" Cooper S/T or 33" Simex Centipedes , 2" lift front and 3" back


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            Gosh. Maybe I'd better get a timer. I regularly drive 125K/Hr on the motorway, but I'm usually at 80-90K/Hr or slower after I leave. 88 2.5ITD Import.
            89 3.0L 5Spd SWB Raider in NW USA


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