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Recon motor time?

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  • Recon motor time?

    I have a '91 NG Superwagon V6 3.0i manual. Done 280k.
    Has good suspension, steering, tyres and is reliable and a great practical vehicle for diving, abseiling, camping, towing etc etc. Engine starts fine but recently has started to blow blue smoke when cold and you can smell oil when engine is running. Rattles from top so I reckon valve guides are gone (at least). I was thinking of replacing the heads...but was told that it wasnt worth it and should replace the whole motor.
    I am being quoted $3.5k for a recon motor - installed.
    Any opionins as to whether its worth it on a vehicle of this age? Any tips, or things to look out for when buying recon motors? What else is liable to blow soon? (I replaced timing belt and water pump last year but havent touched the clutch). Should I get the clutch done too.....or dump the whole car? These models dont seem to have much of a resale value now (maybe 2k?) but I know this one well and know whats good and bad on it.
    Thoughts welcome.

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    Howdy Alb
    Read through this thread if you want to go another motor option. Certainly cheaper than what you have been quoted.
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      Hey Al
      Besides being well used, it sounds like it's still a plenty strong li'l truck that you know your way around, that is basically going well and costing you zip in either silly financing repayments or cap-depreciation. Given what you've got to lose (ie: nothing), despite what you've heard of how much of a bad idea it is, i'd be tempted to use some lovely thick mud like Penrite 40-70w at your next oil change and see if that brings smoke/rattles down to more acceptable levels. If not, using Dave's reference for appropriate models, a visit to pick-a-part when they have one of their 'head-specials' will get you a couple of complete, bolt-on magna heads for about $50.... providing you don't mind removing them yourself.
      good luck


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        Thanks for the suggestions. I'm gonna give the 'thick' oil a ry today and see what only worry is it wont actually get pumped up into the head/guides at all........being to thick for the old pump - but we'll see. Guess it will cost me 50 bucks of oil to find out.
        If that doesnt work I'll give the Magna awap a look. Seems from what you guys are saying you wouldnt be too worried about just swapping the heads and not bothering with a full reco job?



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          It gets down to.. Money really... a car at that age and km's is not worth spending that amount of money on.. also because the clutch / gearbox / diff are getting old as well.. along with shocks, brakes, body etc.. the list goes on.
          If you are short of money.. then i would try the thicker oil.. or change of heads.. try this work yourself if you can.

          In a perfect world.. and you have the monies available.. buy a low k / low year model.. it will jast for years and save you money on rebuilds / repairs


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