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NF jumps out of Reverse in Low Range - Help

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  • NF jumps out of Reverse in Low Range - Help

    Wondering if you guys might be able to help. I bought an 1989 NF Pajero a few years ago and it is a 2.6L EXE. My problem is that in low range the car goes fine forward, just if I try to select reverse it pulls the 4WD range selection into neutral. There is no way to force it into reverse whilst in Low Range. This has been the case since I bought her and it makes serious 4wding impossible. The gearbox works fine in all other positions.

    Anyone know what the problem may be, before I pull the gearbox out?
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    Gday! ive jus signed up n red yo post! i'v got an 86 NC wagon and mine does this to...i think it is a safey feature or something similar...if u haven't alrady gottan to the bottom of the problem try this...while yo car is turned off select 4L then select reverse if it comes out of 4L then its supposed to! Hope this helps! cheers Mark.
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      85 nb swb doesn't have this problem if it helps!
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        My NG turbo diesel doesn't have this problem, it isnt a safety feature as it effectively stops you from reversing out of a bad situation when off road. I'd get it checked out.

        There isnt a body lift on the car is there? If so might be an issue with the gate and the angles.
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