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Need Advice on Mods on 05 NP GLX DiD Pajero

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  • Need Advice on Mods on 05 NP GLX DiD Pajero

    Hi all, new o this site,

    Im looking to do away with factory suspension system, looking for a bit of lift better ride on and off road, for towing and cruising. 80% on road but the other %20 can get serious and i think ive been lucky to get through some situations as im not very experienced. I tend to baby my Paj a bit but with a few modifications would feel happy taking it more places in this beautiful land.

    Was thinking bout 2" lift with airbags different shocks and also need advice on tyres, ive done 65000 ks and the factory tyres have worked well but any experienced advice would be appreciated.

    Cheers Bruce..

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    Hi Bruce, their is plenty of talk about this in the {Generation 3 Pajero
    NM - NP Models 2000 - 2006} section on the home page.

    Hope this help's you find what your looking for.
    I'm very happy with my 05 Pajero Gls Bilstein/ Lovells lift.
    Happy reading it's all good info on this forum, Cheers Gary
    Dual Battery
    80Ltr Waeco
    91Ltr Longrange Tank
    3" Lovells/Bilstein
    3” Exhaust
    NP 05 DID


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      Cheers Gary, yeah doing some reading now, seems to be too many options.


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        Easy $6k

        Bilstein Shocks $950
        2" Front Lovell's $200
        Air Bag Springs rear $350
        Fitting $150

        More dirt touring - 6x GY MT or AT SA's 265/75R16 $1500-$1800
        1 spare alloy $???

        2 x Exide Extreme Batteries (recommend replacing original or any battery over 1 year old if your going on poor dirt roads - 2nd 10" battery is the aux battery) $340
        10" aux batt mount + elec $400

        LRA 81L Aux Fuel Tank $1400 (fitted)

        Satphone $2k
        GPS + Shonky or T4A maps $400 - $700
        QP WA Maps book $35 (best map book I've seen - far far better than Hema maps)

        Bushranger MaxAir II or similar $300

        Snokel $500
        Steps $450
        Rack mount (rhino) $250
        Rack + Tray $800-$1300
        Bullbar - Plastic or Steel $1350

        Oops upto over $12k already.
        Last edited by marquis; 28-01-08, 06:32 PM.
        SOLD - NT MY10 DiD, ARB D/Bar, Airtec, LRA 81L, Bil/Lov 2", BCDC1220+AGM, P3


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          40g on it already and gotta spend another 12 ish!! wow cheers marquis but i think the suspensions comes first. and the rest when the 'war office' (misses) looks the other way!! thanks heaps mate obvious experience, which is what i lack!!


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