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Puzzle madness - please help me solve it

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  • Puzzle madness - please help me solve it

    I have had my 88 ITD 4 speed for a while now but didnt change the timing belt and it recently threw it, spare the lecture (thanks) but its a good lesson and brings home the reality of these things. So anyway now I have a perfect nick car with no engine. So..... I bought another jero with a good engine also 4 speed auto. I also have a relative wanting to make a move on his 86 aussie delivered TD (non I) pajero 5 speed man. So my puzzle is I want to get two good cars out of this for as low as possible price tag.

    A)1986 5 speed man TD with stuffed gear box good body
    B)1988 ITD 4 speed auto with stuffed engine good int and body
    C)198- ITD 4 speed auto with crap body and good engine and tranny (new car)

    I have a few options but need to know if they are possible

    1. split up car C and put the engine in car B and tranny in car A so the question is, does a 4 speed auto fit an aussie delivered 5 speed manual?

    2. Drive car C as is and put engine from car A into car B, so can an engine from the 5 speed man fit againts the 4 speed auto?

    If anyone has ay ideas of how to get 2 good cars from this it would be very much appreciated. Also can I do an engine swap myself (ok with tools) or just get the mech to do it for around $1500.

    Thanks in advance.

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    hi where abouts are you ??
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      sounds like alot of un neccessary work for a vehicle of this age. if you have a perfect nick car why don,t you just fit a good engine to it and use the other for needed spare parts ? you can also wreck the spare vehicle panels ect to get some dollars back.
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