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85 pajero - what carby?

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  • 85 pajero - what carby?

    Hi all
    I just registered here with the hope that someone can help me. I have an 85' swb 2.6 petrol which is a fantastic little fourby BUT I desperately want to get rid of the factory carby thats on it. I bought this vehicle second hand a coupla yrs ago and had nothing but grief with the carby since day one so Its time to do something about it.

    It has a wicked flat spot just after idle which is a real pain in the a-hole! Ive had my mechanic put a rebuild kit through it to no avail and he also told me it wasnt the first time he'd come across this problem. The other thing that ticks me off about it is that damn water cooled choke assembly. My car revs at close to 2k until it warms up which can take anywhere up to 10km travel. If I switch the engine off before it warms up it will pre-ignite and run on which sux the big one. Ive had my mechanic also try to disconnect the choke altogether but it just wont idle so it has been reconnected much to my dissapointment. Anyway, the carby has to go!

    I was told I could put a 170 holley with conversion kit on it but I would rather hear from someone on these boards that has switched to another carby themselves. What would you guys/girls recommend?? Im desperate for some info so if anyone has anything to add please do. I know someone will suggest EFI but I would prefer a simple fix. Sorry for the big post.


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    Hi Dave
    when the factory carb was reassembled was the choke actuator all aligned correctly as shown in the workshop manual? My old paj`s factory carb gave me no end of grief until i got around to taking it off and pulling the choke mechanism apart and resetting it as per the book. This helped no end, but it was still never a spectacular carb for me on petrol, so i picked up a weber adaptor meaning to do this very popular conversion, but never got around to it as it ran perfectly on gas.... which i used 99% of the time.

    Back to you being after a quick fix, I have a solex carb which seems to be in good shape and has a manual choke. I`m not sure what it`s off but it fits the 2.6 manifold perfectly (maybe a lancer??) and is a similar height to a sigma carb (slightly shorter body to the paj 2.6 carb). No idea about jet sizes, but the secondary ventury is the same size as the paj`s secondary. The primary is a tiny bit smaller than the paj`s primary.

    This may not be such a bad thing given how rich the factory carbs seem to run. Your welcome to this carb which should fit straight on, leaving you only to rig up some way to actuate the choke from inside.


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      You could try any of the following Weber carbs:
      DFV (aka holley 180) manual choke
      DFAV water choke
      DGV manual choke
      DGAV water choke
      or a 34ADM carby off a XE or early XF falcon.
      One difference between DFV and DGV is that the throttle (looking from the rear to the front) rotates clockwise on the DFV and anti-clockwise on the DGV.
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        hi guys thanks for the help, its very much appreciated. I atleast know now what I am looking for



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