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  • Blown Turbo

    Well, the turbo on my NG spat the dummy today, lots of oil and smoke out the exhaust and no boost. So, am just wondering if there is a replacement that will bolt straight on and give better performance than a standard one? Thanks Darryl.

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      Can't recommend a direct bolt on but with better performance but I can tell you that the one Axt supply as a bolt on upgrade is far from bolt on and incorrectly sized for that engine . Try a turbo specialist or diesel specialist . Rebuilding the original with a bigger compressor may be a good option.
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        If the NG uses a 3-bolt waste-gate, there's this upgrade;

        However, if it's the later 5-bolt, they sell these 2x upgrades;

        Although they make their turbos in Taiwan, they are a Japanese company supplying MM, so the quality is guaranteed (unlike mainland Chinese turbos). Plus if you contact them, they'll advise & supply a turbo to suit your Paj. I bought the upgrade with up to 30% extra boost as it has a faster spool-up (bigger=torque, but more lag) than stock, however won't fit it until I replace rocker-assembly & do timing-belt, etc.

        Note; If you're confident enough, you could save some cash by just buying & fitting a new upgrade cartridge & seal/gasket-kit.
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          Thanks Stevie-Ray that gives me plenty of options now. found some stock one,s on ebay for $318 too.


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