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  • A big thank you

    G'day all,

    I have just spent a week working on my first "open heart surgery" repair to my Gen 1 Pajero 6G72. Have never been inside any engine before and thought I'd give it a go.

    Main aim was to replace valve stem seals due to smoke at start up. Used the rope in cylinder method with the head on. Hit a couple of snags (Don't let the cam jump out of its bed while turning crank!) Just couldnt get the mongrel to start after reassembly. After pulling apart 95% of the car around it, I realised I had to adjust timing belt as it had slackened and jumped two teeth on the crank pulley.

    All of this is plainly obvious to me now. However I would have had to tow it the garage if I hadnt come across this forum. I've spent hours over last week reading other threads and working out what was wrong with my repair job.

    The information that you guys share on this site is invaluable for anyone attempting to try a repair themselves, or at least diagnose an issue to avoid slick talking mechanics. (I should know, I'm a slick talking Electrician!)

    A big thanks to all the Paj gurus who take the time to share their knowledge. Thanks to your clear information and advice, we can hope that the art of DIY mechanical repair won't be lost in a few generations time. My advice to anybody thinking about attempting their own repair/upgrade would be to spend a bit of time reading a forum such as this. Definitely the best tool in my kit.

    Now... I'm off to fix the oil leaks around my freshly seated valve covers!!



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    One other thing... Steer clear of Kinchrome Valve Spring Compression tool. The top positioning piece spread like jam after the first two springs, the circlip on thread shaft lasted just one spring. A well placed bolt, cables ties, and some colourful language made it last for the next 10 springs.
    Not a fan of bagging tool manufacturers, but basic physics tells me a tool should be stronger than the component it's used on, this one ain't.
    Mine is in the neighbours yard now.... I think.


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