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oil/water mixture

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  • oil/water mixture

    I recently install a weber 38/38 on my Pajero...very happy with it. But, this weekend, verifying fluids found lack of water in the radiator and water on the oil. COOL

    The issue is that I change the oil 2 month ago and the engine never overheat. Maybe a lossen head or and old failure with the previous owner??? Heard about this heads suffer of corrosion, is that true?? If yes, then the only solution is a new cylinder head???

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    Another question, the pajero cylinder head and the starion/conquest is the same head?


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      when you put the 38/38 on there did you block the water outlet in the inlet manifold where the old carbies choke was fed from?
      1990 Gen 1 NG EXE LWB
      2.6 34ADM Weber, 2.25" Exhaust, Extractors, Balance shafts removed
      . ( EFI setup pending :P )
      2" Raised leafs and wound up torsion bars.
      31" AT's and 32" MT's, Offset rims, Flexi-Flares.
      Bull bar, 9500lbs winch, IPF driving lights, GME UHF Radio, Custom Rear Drawers, on-board 12v compressor, Upgraded sound system, 300w Inverter.


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        If the Starion head is from a 2.6, it will fit, but the starion head will be cammed for a turbo. If you strip the starion head and put all your head gear into the body of the starion head, it would work. Starion heads are the hemispherical like pajero heads, but your starion head may have jet valves. If your pajero doesn't have jet valves, then troubles will arise.
        Good luck


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