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Don't send her to the wreckers! 90% New Pajero Tyres and Mag wheels (X5) - 50$

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  • Don't send her to the wreckers! 90% New Pajero Tyres and Mag wheels (X5) - 50$

    Hi All,

    My NA SWB Pajero died the other day at a nice old age of 300,000 odd km. Unfortunately I put the battery in it backwards and fried some of the electrics, after she'd been sitting for two years under a tarp. I was hoping to drive her to a auto shop and using it for one of those $3000.00 min trade ins for a friend. Sigh.

    Prior to this the car drove and worked, and was usable. It had a large degree of rust in the corners (as these NA models tend to) and had seen alot of beach work, so i pulled out the vinyl carpets. She also has a cracked muffler, which i could not be bothered welding up.

    She is sitting on my front yard looking like a toddlers discarded tonka truck, but emotionally I cant send her off to be crushed in a wreckers yard, especially when she has good rims, good tyres, a nice steel roo bar, instruments, windows, and could quite easily be picked clean before going to car heaven.

    I just don't have the heart to see the car compacted - like they did to a friends beautiful old volvo 240.

    My brother put 5 new tyres on it before a last hurrah trip to moreton island. It'd be a pity for these to be wasted. The spare (steel) on the rear still has the little nipples on it. The others probably had about 900-1000km on them at worst.

    The deal is thus - you can come and take the tyres and mags and engine and all the other bits and pieces from the Pajero (jerry cans, tow straps, cinch straps, various bits of tools, books, oils, fluids et al). But you must take the entire car and dispose of it appropriately. I do not want a call from the police about a dumped car and a large fine. This would mean getting a trailer and signing some paperwork, which is why I have attached a token price to the car - so it is a legal sale and you're responsible for it.

    If you're clever you could come take the car, strip off the bits you wanted and then call the wreckers and sell her for scrap (she probably has about 150 worth of steel in her). Or if you have a NA and a farm you could roll her there, use her for spare parts. The drivers door has a large dent but is still functional. The passengers door is good. The rear seats are in fantastic nick. Heck, if you were a bit handy with tools you could probably get her running again and use her as a farm run about for another 3 or 4 years.

    The car is located in MAWSON, ACT.

    Cheers, Dan Corkery
    [email protected]

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