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2UZFE swap NG pajero

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    Ive got all the photos theres a few more little parts like aftermarket alloy radiator, haltech ecu, brakes and suspension, steering, tail shafts. these are the main photos shes a pretty clean pajero body wise with no rust. the wheels were before they got machined and refurbed. the wheels are alot more shiny and nicer looking ill be putting 32 inch all terrains. body looks like its been redone once in its life













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      Looks pretty clean!


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        Very nice looking wheels , what sort are they?


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          They were off a imported Hilux surf from Japan which is pretty unique hard to come by. I have a photo of them refurbished and brand new looking which I'm happy about


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            motor arrives 28th August at the port of brisbane. Rear drums and shoes all brand new.

            Front bearings new
            New seal
            New slotted rotors
            New sport pads
            Old gen 2 calipers were rooted and rusted inside
            Ordered new caliper assembly
            Sourcing out front braided lines from hard line to caliper
            New rok front manual wheel hubs very good quality

            Anyone have photos to access the fuel pump assembly going to replace it with a Walbro 255 before it goes in for the motor.

            Just realised I put it in 4wd mode and the front diff has the slightest whine it's very faint which kind of annoying don't want to spend anymore and don't know how big of a job it is to remove the front diff crown and pinion?


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                I was doing some reading on the front diff and they run a low pinion diff. The only concern I have is I'll be running full time 4wd and I'm worried about the longevity of the front diff with daily driving. I'm only towing a boat and going to the beach I won't be Rock crawling or going ham on off-road use.

                Anyone have any info on the front diff and what options I have, the 2nd gen run a high pinion diff which is good use for full time 4wd or should I just leave it as the front diff will be fine, the front diff has a faint whine when locked into 4wd but I was driving on road around the block. The torsen centre diff from the Toyota gearbox, front diff won't be always working as hard compared to the stock 4wd locked mode. The only time I will lock the diff which will be controlled via button is when it gets abit muddy. I don't even think I'll need to lock the centre diff when I'm on the beach?

                When the car is finished I'll probably get the front diff rebuilt and is it a big job to get the front diff out?


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                  The wait is over engine has arrived clearing customs, going to pick it up next week. The car is booked in on last week of October for the transplant but for the meantime I'm going to do the timing belt kit with water pump, rear main, front seal, general maintenance and inspect the idler pulleys. Cars suspension and steering is getting a full overhaul on the 22nd of this month. New bushes, lift kit and new steering components.

                  By November the car will be on the road and will take photos


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                    Not sure if you guys are still following but I've got some bolt in kelford cams . at the moment the engine is now being prepped new seals, timing belt, water pump, kelford came then wiring harness for the haltech, I'll be running a ic7 haltech display so it will be all digital display for speed, rpm,fuel,temp, oil pressure. Car will be dropped off finally next month I'll post some videos and pictures once the car is on the dyno. Gen1 pajero are fairly light for a forby and hoping for 200kw, the power to weight will be pretty nice and the car will be so much better to drive around town with


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                      If you guys want to follow the build it's in the gen 2 forum


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