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1989 JDM gen1 rear stablizer bar

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  • 1989 JDM gen1 rear stablizer bar

    hello everyone.. i live on Guam and ive got the first JDM pajero on the island.
    sorry about the long post =o]

    here are the specs.

    Year / Month 1989 / 03 05?
    Model Code VMNTD
    Catalog No A0237659A
    Engine No 4D56TD
    Trans Code V5M21-4-Q
    Model Name PAJERO

    this gen one has no rear stabilizer bar.
    on megazip ( their web interface works better than amayama but basically the same right.)
    click on stabilizer bar nothing pops up for the models designated to sell in japan however on the euro models click on the same part num you get the info below.

    graphics part numb 41601


    Japanese Warehouse
    3...5 business days
    US $180.26

    models for Japan region show the same graphics as EUR
    does anyone know if a rear bar can be mounted on the japan region models please let me know.

    if someone has a rear stabilizer bar on their gen1 and would be so kind to post some images of where the bar is actually mounted, and how its mounted..

    id really like to make this vehicle as stable as possible, im in the process of servicing the suspension bushings etc, etc, OME shocks / leaf springs ,..

    also was looking into a return to center shock , i do not have one on this vehicle but there appears to be a factory mount for the shock, please see images of what i'm hoping is the return to center factory mounting bracket would someone please verify if it is or not.

    if it is the factory mount and you have a return to center shock with same mount, and can post a couple of images of how the shock is mounted it would really help. and TIA to those who chimes in and helps me out with these questions and identifying mounting brackets how and where they are installed. .

    be safe everyone..
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    Hate to tell you but it will be a fair bit of effort trying to track one of those down , never seen a swaybar for the rear leafys , don't bother fitting a return to center damper, more trouble then its worth , and unless your running a 4 inch lift and 35's its not worth the bother. Id just fit a regular steering damper . Sorry i cant really help you with photos of mounting but thought i would just offer some advice.


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      I have had a SWB NA and a LWB high roof NB.

      I'm pretty sure the NB had a sway bar. I always assumed the engineers were trying to counteract the slightly higher centre of gravity from the higher roof of our Australian delivered NBs.

      Personally I don't think it made much difference, bur ours had heavier Old Man Emu springs on it when we bought it which probably stiffened it up anyway.
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        thanks fellas.. if anyone interested, here are the return to center strut part numbers from tough dog for the gen1's:
        with factory mount: SS5013-PS
        without factory mount : SS5016-PS

        these part numbers were given to me by the folks at Tough Dog.
        I posted the questions regarding the RTC strut to be hundred percent sure I had the factory mount.

        if anyone has rear stabilizer bar i'm still interested in the data.

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