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fuel consumption 2.8TD compared with 2.5 TD

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  • fuel consumption 2.8TD compared with 2.5 TD

    pajero 2.8 turbo diesel compared with a 2.5 turbo diesel what's everybody's thoughts is the 2.8 just as good as the 2.5 t.d or is there a big difference ... i had a 2.8 TD which did about 600 a tank 80 litres around town.. I was just wondering what a 2.5 TD would do thanks ..

    And as anyone ever put a 2,5 turbo diesel out of a ford courier in a pajero..

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    Well with my 2.5 Intercooled Turbo I originally got 800km from 90L in the country, but now with bigger chunkier tyres and driving in the city its about 600km from 90L
    1989 NG Turbo Diesel, ARB Bullbar, IPF 900XS Lights, 31" Cooper S/T or 33" Simex Centipedes , 2" lift front and 3" back


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      My old NL2.8TD with 250K on it averages around 760-800 around town before the light comes on, so probably about 80L used. Mind you I'm no lead foot.


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        Thanks mate that is good for your 2.8TD i used to get about 650 out of my 2.8TD with 236k on it.. Why do you think some are different to others .. I could get maybe 700 if a lot of H/Way use was done .thanks for the info


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