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Identify these water pipes

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  • Identify these water pipes

    Hi all,

    In my never ending search for the leaking water in this thread

    Im just trying to cover all of my bases in regards to water leaks, so Im going to replace most, if not all of the hoses. I need a but of help identifying what hoses these are at the back of the engine.

    From what I know, there is the water pipe that runs along the valley from the back of the water pump. Where do all these water hoses then go? The two pipes to the left are for the heater hoses into the heater core although what are the rest for?

    Im just trying to work it all out so I can get the hoses and also try and work out how to replace some of them as the space will be limited back there I guess (the picture is one I found off the net) so my plenum, intake etc ave not been removed.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Water Leak

    Hi Tez just read your post and I had the same problem. It was the water pump o ring and the water was leaking thru the valley cover and down over the rear of the engine. Have a look directly behind the valley cover with a torch and you will probably see a water mark where it has been leaking. I found as it got worse I could see water dripping from down beside the gear box as it wound its way down from the top of the engine. All of a sudden one day the whole thing gave out and water everywhere so get onto it. I did my own, not a bad job but time consuming. Can buy the water pump from Repco with or without the rear plate but its a bugger to get the old one off. Do your timing belt while your there if it needs it. Hope this helps.


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