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Crankshaft pulley wobble/runout

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    I'm doing the timing belt right now. Its not that bad of a work.

    In short
    Remove upper cooling hose
    Remove fan and its cover
    Loosen and move servo pump out of the way
    Loosen and put to side the a/c compressor
    Loosen a/c compressor bracket

    Now you have access to remove a load of bolts that hold a large alloy bracket on right side of the engine. Its in the way of the right side belt plastic cover

    After removing the belt cover you basically have access to the belt,

    I skipped removing cooler. Many seem to remove it to get better access and more space.

    It took me 4h to get all this parts moved. But then the 4 bolts to the a/c cooler to me 1h Is really no space there


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      ThirstyInchTyres: On our RHD vehicles, I found that it was easier to remove the A/C compressor mounting bracket completely - there are holes accessible from the front Left wheel arch covered by rubber flaps. Using a 3/8 inch socket set and long extensions, I could remove the 4 bolts easily. Replacing them was not so easy, but certainly possible.

      Possibly with LHD, there may be some steering column issues, but I think that you may still be able to access the mounting bracket from under the wheel arch.


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        ah ok. So that route is possible. I thought about and kinda felt it wasn't possible.
        And you are correct it's the steering column that gets in the way.
        It's not impossible, most time was spent on getting them loose.


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