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4WD in a NH SWB

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  • 4WD in a NH SWB

    hi, my name is Lenny, im new to the forum and the whole 4WD scene. ill be looking at buying a NH swb pajero shortly and looking at nsome feed back in regards to the car. Would the pajero be suitable for 4wd, is it easier to roll as its a SWB and are there any mechanical issues i should be looking out for, for when i go and buy one. thank you

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    Hi Lenny,
    I've a SWB NH and been all around this country of ours in it, been up some real shitty tracks up the Kimberlies to soft soft sand and mud... I don't know if there is any difference to the LWB but I've had some good fun in mine..

    In regards to the mechanical issues - pretty much what you read in this forum has gone wrong with mine over the years - gear box rebuild - 5th gear / super select issues ( Fixed with ideas from this forum ) / Steering 'floaty' - maybe read thru the threads posted - It'll give you ideas what to look out for.... But in all I''m really happy with my bus - Hopefully off for a 2 year trek around Oz in the Paj starting next year..



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