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NK - Removing LPG & Fitting Long Range Fuel Tank

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  • NK - Removing LPG & Fitting Long Range Fuel Tank

    I have an NK GLS currently running on duel fuel with a 68 litre LPG tank (usable around 60 litres) and a 40 litre auxillary ULP tank.

    On LPG economy is around 18-20 litres per 100kms; range is therefore less thank 300kms.

    On ULP economy is around 16-18 lires per 100kms; range is therefore less than 250kms.

    As a Toorak Tourer this isn't a problem!

    However, as soon as you want to explore a little off the bitumen and go Outback combined range is around 500kms, assuming that ULP & LPG will both be available at the same time I reach that range - not likely.

    I've been quoted $150 from my gas service technician to have the gas system removed and am seriously considering doing so. However I need to source and supply a fuel tank.

    The vehicle is not my main ride, so the additional fuel costs are not a consideration as to whether to convert back to just ULP or not.

    I assume if I get a standard 92ltr fuel tank from the wreckers I can then have that tank linked with the auxillary tank to provide around 132ltrs of fuel and theroretically I'll then have a range of around 800kms.

    Is this possible? Should I consider a new tank (standard or long range) instead of one from the wreckers?

    Does anyone have an idea as to what i should be paying for a tank from the wreckers, a new standard tank, or a long range tank.

    Thanks for your input.

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    I am sure that several members will be able to help with getting an extended range tank on the cheap (one that can be added to what you already have). That would give the best of both worlds - extended range when required and less expensive running the rest of the time.

    This is the direction I have planned to take in my NH. The cost is a little out of my budget atm (for the additional tank or the LPG system). sigh.

    Oh, and I have found 95 (premium) gives enough extra k's to make the additional cost worthwhile. 98 doesn't make enough difference from 95 though. I drive like the proverbial granny, your mileage may vary



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      I don't think I have any room for an extended petrol tank if I keep the LPG, but I'm open for suggestions.

      I'll also check out if I can get a larger LPG tank fitted instead of the 68 litter tank I currently have.

      I saw on another thread that someone has thinking of having fitted a 90 litter LPG tank, but I didn't see what the outcome was!

      Best price for a 92 litre fuel tank from the wreckers was $250.

      Then called an approved RAA/RACV/NRMA, etc gas installer and was quoted $1,400 to have the LPG system removed and a standard fuel tank fitted from the wreckers.

      The installer did say that if I was prepared to sacrifice internal space, they could probably fit a larger LPG tank inside the vehicle, but that isn't a viable option either.

      With a potential conversion cost of $1,400, looks like I'll have to continue as I am currently doing and when going any distance between petrol stations, make sure I take a couple of jerry cans to provide some range off road.
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        I'm in SA, a little closer to WA, but not that much as I'm on the SA/Vic border!

        Reflecting a little I think the inconvenience outweighs the cost.

        I'll keep on using Jerry cans whenever I think range maybe an issue.


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