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Uneven braking on my 98 NL Pajero???

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  • Uneven braking on my 98 NL Pajero???

    Hey people,

    I've just bought a beautiful 98 NL Pajero GLS (auto) .

    Since getting it home (and during the test drive) I have noticed a constant pulsating (in direct relation with vehicle speed) through the brake pedal when braking, even at low speeds causing the whole vehicle to reduce speed in a jerky fashion and obviously this has an affect to the passengers who jerk in time with the brakes!!! I had a comprehensive RAC inspection done before the purchase that mentioned nothing adverse about the brakes and confirmed that all brake pads are at 75% plus..

    I also noticed this on a different auto NL Pajero whilst on a test drive and wondered if it is a common problem/feature with that particular model???

    Any info would be greatly appreciated...

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