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best oil for my 99 NL V6 3500?

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  • best oil for my 99 NL V6 3500?

    Just wondering which oil you guys use or recommend for the 3500 V6 NL, I don't do very much off roading but a fair bit of towing, it's on dual fuel too, the one that starts on petrol and switches back to gas automatically. Flash lube fitted also.
    99 NL Escape, ARB bar BIG wishlist-LITTLE budget grrrr

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    hi mik,
    i use penrite 15 in my nl 3.5 but i don't run gas.
    i find it very good valve for money and I'm confident with it. i change oil and filter every 5000klm (probably a bit over board as it comes out not much darker than it goes in) I'm pretty sure penrite would make a gas compatible oil.
    hope this helps (some of the other guys would no alot more about oils)


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      what range of oil does your manual specify, My 99 3.5L Magna specifies 5w-30, So I run Castrol Edge and it is awesome stuff
      2002 NM 3.2DiD GLS


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        I dont know what the best oil would be, but
        I use 10W-40 Castrol Magnetec which is a mineral oil with additives.

        Thats what the Mitsubishi dealers i rang said they were using and would reccommend for pajero's. As i also run dual fuel, i asked the question about is it recommended for such vehicles and they said yes.



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