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Squeeking Noise From Front Wheel

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  • Squeeking Noise From Front Wheel

    On my NH I have a strange squeeking noise, It starts above 20 Kms hour from the LH side front wheel, Once I've driven a while it goes away, I've noticed it occurs mostly on cold mornings....

    To me it sounded like a wheel bearing was gone or rotating on the hub, so I replaced the 2 wheel bearings and seal - no change. I also Loctited the bearing onto the hub as I thought it could be rotating - At the same time I replaced the disc pads, and checked nothing was rubbing on the brakes etc - After all this the noise still remains The CV joints replaced earlier this year

    Anybody got any ideas ????????

    Thanks Sunny

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    Has any one any ideas at all... The only thing I'm left to do now is to remove the steering axle knuckle and replace the needle roller bearing that the CV joint shaft runs in -This bearing is buried inside the steering axle knuckle.

    has anyone else ever replaced this bearing?????..Any tips...

    The noise coming from the wheel is more of a bearing seizing noise - hence why I first replaced the wheel bearings... but with no success



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      Just a guess but, Maybe a Ball Joint could be a possibility.
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        I had a similar squeek coming from the front somewhere, After checking and adjusting wheel beerings and greasing everything possible, it was still there.
        Then i got a bit suss over the speedo, i disconnected the speedo cable from the gearbox and the squeeking was gone.
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          i hab the same noise after i changed the torsion bars i was the botton ball joint. changed them all gone.
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