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NL Petrol Strange Noises

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  • NL Petrol Strange Noises

    My NL with 120k on the clock has been making strange sounds.

    On a trailing throttle (in gear slowing with foot off the accelerator) there is like a hissing sound and also when you back off to change gear. In fact, even when you rev it in neutral and back off it makes a metallic hissing/rattle sound that sound like it is going through the exhaust.

    The other is a ticking sound at idle that is loudest under the car, not a lifter type tick, but almost like a piston slap type sound or oil pump noise.

    The car runs perfectly, uses no oil or water, has good oil pressure etc.

    Has anyone got ideas, or have a similar problem?

    98 NL LWB with plenty on the wish list

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    my nl had this ticking / sucking sound when playing with the throttle. no water / oil use and running fine.
    mine turned out to be a stuffed catalytic converter.
    hope this helps.


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      Like Bigbear said, a cat or even muffler could cause your problems, ticking maybe a leakin manifold gasket or flange due to the increase in pressure...


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        Thanks for your replies, guys.

        The sound on backing off the throttle does sound like a rattle through the exhaust, so I will check that out first.

        Bigbear, do you remember what sort of cost was involved for the cat?

        Thanks again.
        98 NL LWB with plenty on the wish list


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