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Stalling when cold.

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  • Stalling when cold.

    Great forum ,Thanks ahead of time,

    My NJ has a recond motor V6 3L.134 000km.(The previous owner did a hose & the rest is history.

    Under the bonnet is tidy as , indicating the guys who did the motor did a good job . However. Sometimes mainly when cold , when the revs are dropping down it doesn't idle but just stops ? Not always. I am thinking a vacuum hose that is loose ?

    Secondly I have a pipe under the cap that appears to go nowhere flopping in the breeze.? My young bloke got under the other day & said it looks like it should be in the exhaust system ?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Two things you can try,

    Firstly you said that there was something underneath hanging that should probably be in the exhaust system. Might be your Oxygen sensor that isn't bolted on or has snapped off. This reads info for when the car is cold to adjust the Air/Fuel Mix ratio.

    Secondly which is common for the 6G72 Engines is the ISC (Idle Speed Control motor) Worth putting in some Carby cleaner on it. there a numerous posts on this issue.

    Good luck.
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      Check the PCV valve for blockage

      this causes the engine to spew oil directly into the throttle body

      adjust the idle manually via the cap located on the top of the throttle body

      it may be sealed with a silver disc.
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