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99 NL Pajero escape flare colour code

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  • 99 NL Pajero escape flare colour code

    I have a 99 NL Pajero escape (yes with the funny little mirror) and I have a few scratches on the flares. The car is white with silver flares. I am trying to find out what the exact colour is so I can touch up the flares. Can any one help?
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    Nice Escape

    Paint codes should be under the bonnet or in the engine bay (think the former).

    Mines the same as yours, but has silver (or grey? i forget, its been too long) bumpers.

    A call or visit to a Mitsu service centre might be able to provide you with the correct colour. Otherwise you can always see if a place can match the colour.

    Liking those weathershields.........
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      As you can see, I can't help much, my whole escape is that color, But I too really like the shields
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      99 NL Escape, ARB bar BIG wishlist-LITTLE budget grrrr


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        Your colour scheme is Sophia white and trim(flares) are Legato Grey. Colour codes of W09 and A37 that you will find on the plate under your bonnet, all this information is in our FAQ section here and here
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          Thanks for the heads up Pickle - I thought it might have been SATELITE SILVER but wasn't sure. I didnt remember seeing the A69 code but I will definately have another look - Thanks guys.


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