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1993 Import issues

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  • 1993 Import issues

    Hi guys, I'm still looking for the right pajero. Am checking out a 1993 SWB turbo-diesel soft-top tomorrow with 110,000km on it that's advertised at $6,700. All sounds great but wanted some feed-back and advice on what major problems i could be caused by the fact it's imported (and soft-top)? Thanks.

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    Have a look that the top dosn't leak.
    Standard things- get a independant mechanical check.
    is it from a dealer (first Australian owner) or from a private owner.

    I have heard that the fuel in Aust is differnet than Japan and can cause problems (I've had my import for 2 years though without any problems)

    Check that the condition of the vehicle matches the kms claimed- in the past there were instances of "winding back" odometers.

    If it was me I would be checking on whether it has a rear diff lock (switch)and 5.29 diff ratios (firewall plate) on the line with diff what are the last numbers 5285 or 4975), some of these vehicles had this as well as electronically adjustable suspension.

    Check the condition of the tyres- and brand- size. Some of these vehicles came with 18" rims with narrow tyres- near imposible to find tyres for this size in Australia, and if you can will be like $500 per tyre.

    Ask questions after you have seen the vehicle

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