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NK 3.5lt Air Intake / Plenium

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  • NK 3.5lt Air Intake / Plenium

    Hi All,

    Just had a gas kit fitted - which has turned out to be a disaster - long story, suffice to say the idiots who fitted it havent got a clue and everytime they try to 'fix' the problem (The paj keeps back firing on gas and now runs rough on petrol, despite it running sweet as before they got hold of it)

    Anyway, when they had the plenium off to replace plugs/leads they noticed that the shaft that the butterflies are mounted on is worn. I would like to know if this can be replaced and if so where can I purchase one?

    The main problem appears to be that the bush that the shaft 'sits' in the plenium is worn, however Im not sure if this is an integral part of the plenium or if it can be replaced as a seperate item - any ideas?

    Any assitance would be very much appreciated



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    I'm a bit old school on engines but the throttle body unbolts via four bolts and seperate unit to the plenum.

    I thought you'd just buy another throttle body (exchange) or get the current one reconditioned at an engine shop/engineering joint as you do with any other component.

    Air leaks would cause roughness, all a bit coincidental after they've been at it?

    I wonder if they've had the plenum off whether they sealed it on with jointing compound (STAG, silastic, etc.) = no leaks or just used a paper gasket and tightened it up = air leaks.

    If the motor is backfiring, I'm suprised they haven't blown a hole in your muffler or worse bent the valves. Couple of good detonations can turn fantastic into

    The mechanics sure that they put the plug leads on the right way ?
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      Im assuming your refering to the variable intake manifold, i had the same problem, you cant buy ANY bits, seals or bushes relating to it, and a second hand job is 700odd i think.


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        Originally posted by 6G74 View Post
        you cant buy ANY bits, seals or bushes relating to it, and a second hand job is 700odd i think.
        Fair dinkum.... yowtch 700 for second hand !
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          Which type of gas system did you get fitted.... if you got the induction system.. some bad news, you will be prone to back firing from now on.... if you have the injection system.. probably more like the computer not talking to the cars computer


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            Hi Everyone, thanks for your replies - the gas conversion is an induction kit only which is part of the problem. I've havent as yet started looking in earnest for parts, however there certainly doesnt seem to be anything 'easily' available via the net, any ideas who I might be able to get one from in the Melbourne region??

            $700 for a second hand plenium + what Ive spent to date on changing plugs, leads, valve stem oil seals etc and it is becoming a very expensive gas conversion! however, the work that is being currently done is due to wear and tear and may well be coincidental - none the less, it does appear that the 'mechanics' undertaking the conversion are grasping at straws in trying to explain the proplem in a logical manner - it is getting to the point where I'll float the paj home and complete the work myself - at least this way I can only blame myself when it doesnt work


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              Originally posted by divins64 View Post
              started looking in earnest for parts, however there certainly doesnt seem to be anything 'easily' available via the net, any ideas

              Keep an eye out on ebay.... I seem to find plenty of v6 stuff from junked engines up for sale, internals, heads, bolt on stuff etc. May get lucky and find a intake complete for less than $700.
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                Post some pics of what you need i may be able to assist. My cousin wrecked a pajero a couple of years ago so he may have what you need. Just need the pics to compare with what he has.



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                  Hi Doug,

                  Don't know abut the plenium, but might be able to give you some clues about the gas.

                  I recently converted to gas in fact had 2 pajeros NKs go through the process. 1 on induction (brother in law) and one on sequential vapour direct injection (me).

                  The induction system pajero ran rough and backfired quite often. Had the leads and coils changed by local mechanic but still backfied and stalled etc.
                  The gas guy then put in a "balanced line" which is a hose from the gas intake to the the air filter box. This apparently stops the engine from sucking in too much air particularly when idle and during gear changes.

                  The paj still backfied, so the gas guy ended up taking off the maniford etc replaced the coils and checked the spark plug gap which should have been at 0.8 that the local mechanic did not do. The leads were replaced during the initial service

                  Anyway put it back together and no problem since.

                  Hope this helps.

                  97 NK Pajero
                  Injected LPG


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                    Thanks everyone for your replies, it is very much appreciated. The paj is currently still in bits locked in the mechanics workshop (which is shutdown for the Christmas / New Year period).

                    So it will be next week before I can access the car to take photo's etc. I have since heard of several other ex-customers (variety of car makes / models) who have had similar issues with this complany, so my tale of woe is not an isolated incident. I will be planning on picking the paj up with a car trailer and taking it home (in bits) until I can find a mechanic who is prepared to look at it for me.

                    Im please to hear that others have had similar issues (backfiring on gas) but have been able to resolve them - this at least gives me some hope that we can get the paj running as it use to.

                    I'll keep you all posted via this forum as to how I get on - thanks again for your support




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                        Wrong manifold - its the one before that, variable in length.


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                          I was only thinking of the butterfly/throttlebody... everything on his was servicable and this other one seems less worn....

                          wait don't tell me.....

                          the throttles are different too... oh geezzzz
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                            hehe, no no, its the shaft of controls the vanes to vary the length within, the bush's at the ends wear and leak.


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                              Pajero manifolds can be re-bushed, when the butterflies rattle and come loose. Most good carby places can do it for a fraction of the price of a new one!


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