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how much is it worth?

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  • how much is it worth?

    93 manual v6 3.0L NH GLS Paj. Blue and silver (colour makes all the difference!) 210000 k's alloys, bull bar, rear bull bar, side steps, heavhy duty tow kit, fully electric (sunroof), brand new spare etc etc - good cond.

    Just wondering, got it to tow my ponies with - has been used for this purpose about 5 times in three years - gonna trade her in for a little town car (live in Melb now). Has been awesome car but it's time to move on. Sob sob.....

    Will either sell or trade in, not too fussed so long as I pay out my loan. Just want to know what I'm looking at...


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    It's worth whatever someone will pay to buy it from you.

    Redbook would give you an indication

    but wouldn't include anything non factory

    Depending on the paint appearance of the vehicle, dunno four and half at a guess.
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      Ok, Redbook says:

      NH GLS Wagon 7st 4dr Man 5sp 4WD 3.0i
      Prices based on km 210,000 - 350,000
      Trade in price guide* $4,300 - $6,100
      National average price - private sale* $6,400 - $8,400
      Price when new (RRP) $43,801
      all prices quoted are GST inclusive

      In awesome condition as far as paintwork goes, no major nicks or marks, no crashes!!! (or dents), interior is fine, would have detailed prior to sale so would be spotless and all as should be (even full toolkit in back - now THATS RARE!). Ummm, has all as listed above, rockford fosgate sterio (what all the new ones are fitted with) with great sound system (That's what OH's into). Ummmm - had re-con engine put in a couple of years ago that had 60,000k's on it. Everything else works well. Great mates with an awesome mechanic so always well looked after. New belts, plugs etc recently replaced. Clutch was replaced last year - about all I can think of.....


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        Stick 8 grand on it then
        'No Princess' - NJ LWB - Modded 2.8TD


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          lol - not that silly.... i'm no expert but price of fuel certianly hasn't helped 4wd sales... No - i'm happy with a realistic price, just wondered what was fair if i sold it to the right market. Like i mentioned, i want a run around car and will be happy to pay out my loan. OH reckons i need it "tuned up" before selling, not running as smoothly as could be (see other thread) - but otherwise selling a good car so wanted to know a reasonable and fair price!


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            Never said you were silly.... but plenty ask for 15yr old 4wd with half a life of use on it more than say a three door new Yaris ($15grand)

            but I dunno.. my first apprasial of four and half might be okay.. there was one on ebay with 400 something thousand and wanted 6 grand.... it's not there anymore on ebay so either they gave up or someone bought it.

            The hoon hatch is okay for some things around town but I prefer the paj even if I have to pay more for fuel as I can park it anywhere I want. Even if there's someone else aready parked there.
            'No Princess' - NJ LWB - Modded 2.8TD


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              Here yah look...

              Top dollar


              middle of the road


              Stick 8 on it, smoke and mirrors take 6 for cash.
              'No Princess' - NJ LWB - Modded 2.8TD


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