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Relay and Fuse Locations

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  • Relay and Fuse Locations

    Hey guys my first post

    Just bought a NH Pajero and the cover on my fuses \ relays under the bonnet has had the stensil of what fuse and relay is what? worn off?

    Could someone please post what each fuse and relay under the bonnet is and does. Also any other relays, like the ones above the fuse box are. I am in paticular looking for the relay that turns on the aircon fan?

    Also I have found a sensor / device in behind the battery that should be mounted somewhere and is not. It looks a bit like a TPS, has a short shaft protuding and two mounting holes. It has KYB 1053 written on it and has a rubber boot over it. I suspect it is someting to do with the front suspension but not sure

    Thanks in advance

    I will now go and spend a whole lot of time reading all the other threads, looks like a great site.

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    Need to know which relay / fuse is which pleeeaaaassseeeee

    I am disapointed that no one there could give me a rough map of what the relays and fuses are under the cover under the bonnet. Thanks to whoever sent me the private message showing me where to find diags, but ubnfortunately they dont have the relay layout for my vehicle.
    If someone could just either take a pic of the top of their fuse cover or something it would help me greatly,
    Thanks in advance.


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      Mine is the same as yours, Unreadable, But I would assume the info is in your owners manual, Or you could go to the wreckers and see if you could find one in better condition
      2002 NM 3.2DiD GLS


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        I dont have an owners manual? Bought it second hand


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          Originally posted by gunning View Post
          I dont have an owners manual? Bought it second hand
          if there are three fuses and the batteryy is on the right hand side.... with postive at egine and negative at wheel

          closed is alternator 100 amp,, than i dont know the rest of mine are rubbed off tho the book is like 40 bucks from repco..
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            might be able to help you but not for a few days. I am outstation and not due home until late Monday evening. I've a diagram there that should be useful - you unfortunately have to wait ..............


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              Sorry, I don't have the skills to post the diagrams so if you can PM me your email address I'll send them to you that way.



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                photo of fuse box top

                Click image for larger version

Name:	dec07 047.jpg
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                I have a photo of the top of my 2.8TDI fuse box if that helps?


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                  I've got a good picture of one I can email if anyone wants it. Also don't know how to post a piccie
                  1999 3.5 NL Exceed Auto, Adelaide, South Australia


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