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  • NL MAF Sensor

    Hi All,
    I have a 98 NL petrol and when I bought it, there was a K&N air filter in it.
    I have read some bad reports on these affecting the MAF Sensor, so I am considering going back to standard filter as the MAF is $800!!
    Can you clean the MAF with a carby cleaner type product and is it the unit plugged into the top of the intake just after the filter.

    98 NL LWB with plenty on the wish list

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    Provided the filter is kept clean and oiled (and there isnt excessive oil on the filter) i cant think of any reason as to how it could damage the afm. Has the box been removed or is it just a replacement for the standard filter? The afm sits a few centimetres from the airbox and has a square top on it.


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      Yes, it is just a replacement element type that fits the existing box.

      I have seen tests where a second filter after the K&N allowed stuff through.
      K&N said it wasn't dust, it was oil. If this is the case, that is not good for the MAF sensor.
      98 NL LWB with plenty on the wish list


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        I've seen air flow metres die within days after being cleaned... I cleaned mine with carby cleaner some 2 years ago, no problems yet, better economy, got rid of the surging down low etc. If you think oil or dust is coming through, change it.


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          The "effect " you are questioning was something about disruptive airflow as I understood. K&N did a Mitsubishi MAF compatible specific version. Do a check on their website for the right model number


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            The Compatible version that K&N came up for the MAF Sensor was so that the Air flowed through evenly and not in a twirl. Also this is a Pod style and not a direct replacement Filter. This also does not fix the issue of oil entering into the MAF Sensor.

            I have had 2 Mitsirs with MAF sensors and both have had K&N filters and never found it that much of a threat to the Sensor. If you keep it oiled how 6G74 quoted, then I wouldn't see any threat either.

            Personally, I would rather use staright alcohol or Metho rather than carby cleaner with a ear bud dipped in and just softly clean off any dirt or oil on the sensor rahter than soaking it with chemicals.
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              Also further to the cleaning of air flow metres... its strange that they should need it, as far as i know, all afm have a self cleaning process where a voltage of usually 5v is applied to the sensor when the ignition is turned off for a few seconds, in an effort to burn off any unwanted matter or films.

              Perhaps this isnt completely effective?


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                Further to MAFs needing to be cleaned, I have a friend with an M5 and it is a common problem for them to require MAF cleaning and can cause huge performance losses.
                98 NL LWB with plenty on the wish list


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