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starter motor noise?

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  • starter motor noise?

    My starter motor (I think) makes a whining noise that lasts a second or two after a cold start (ie. first start of the day or after a few days of not driving).

    It does not happen all the time but when it does, it sounds like a whining spinning noise (as if there is no oil or something somewhere, wish I could upload the noise on this forum - is there a way?)...only does it once and is OK when I start it again thereafter. Everything else is perfect which led me to assume it is the starter motor.

    Any help would be appreciated, it is a SWB NK GLS. I was unsure where to put this post so I did it twice here and the "mechanical" section.

    Slightly concerned about it as with any weird noises...

    Thanks all.

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    Sounds like the starter is getting stuck out after the throw out from starting. Then going back in after a few seconds.
    My starter is playing up at present - go to start it and only a whining noise but no starting. Only once a day at the most. Then might not do it until the next day. My problem is the opersite. Starter not throwing out to engage ring gear. If yours is get stuck out it will be wearing the ring gear and starter gear. So its best to get it looked at. Brushes might need replacing. Or a build up of carbon in the starter from the brushes can cause funny business.
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      Starter Noise

      I had a similar issue with the old NB (2.6 petrol) I had. First started out as an occassional event where you would turn the ignition key and the starter would spin but not engage the ring gear and turn the motor. Second or third start attempt it would be fine. Eventually the problem got worse and worse to the the point where it may or may not start, hot or cold. The only way to ensure a consistant start was park facing down hill and roll start. I eventually got around to fixing it and it was worn ring gear. The engine normally stops with the starter gear set to engage in one of three places on the ring gear, which eventually wears out the teeth in these spots.
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        Hi Huarache24

        I would say that it sounds like the solenoid is not pushing the starter gear onto the ring gear or that the ring gear or starter gear is worn. I would start by pulling out the starter motor out and giving the solenoid a clean as it could be built up with corrosion. Hopefully cleaning the solenoid fixes your problem.


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          Thanks for all the tips/suggestions...always helpful around here...I will give it a clean (never done it so any tips would be appreciated).


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