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  • NL rear suspension

    G'day all.
    I'm a new face here seeking a bit of advice. Last week I biught an NL 99 2.8 turbo. with 156,000 k, So far I'm real happy with it. I took it syraight around to the Mitsubishi dealer and got them to do the 150,000 service again to be sure of things. The rear bum stops are flogged out [the rubber buffer blocks inside the rear springs] Has a pretty serious tow bar so must have been towing a big van or such. To replace the bum stops is about $600-. Is there a better alternative like air bags or something suitable to catch the rear end on solid bumps.
    Any info would be appreciated.

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    NL Bump stops


    I had a simular problem when I went for a road worthy certificate up here & was quoted the genuine price from Mitsubishi.
    I was talking to my local ARB guy about the sagging rear end etc on my NL & he said Pedders have the bump stops at about $115 a pair!!!
    Fixed that issue at a third of the price.

    Hope this helps



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      Any good suspension shop should be able to sort that out for you.

      I would get them to check the rest of your suspension components while there at it to save you any further headaches (i.e. for flogged trailing arm bushes etc.). Chances are the rear springs (if they haven't been upgraded for towing) are sagged to shite also - if you plan to do any decent offroading it would be worthwhile to fit some lifted springs.

      If you plan to do any heavy towing like the previous owner, you would probably want to look at some polyairs.

      Best of luck with it.

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        Seems to be a fairly common thing, i left mine like that for a couple of years and not once did it bottom out. Have since fixed it and they were about 160 each from mitsy... i didnt think that was TOOO bad, although could be better.


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          I agree. Rear springs should not bottom out onto bump stops unless under extreme flex or they are stuffed. Any spring fitted should hold the weight they are designed for, if not they are not rated high enough for the intended task or to much weight is being applied. I would replace the springs with 2" lifted items. I have OME springs and polyairs fitted and never had a problem. The owner before me used to tow a large off road caravan. The polyairs were pumped up to suit and level rides installed. No rear spring produced for a Pajero is heavy duty designed for towing. And if level rides were not used, then the springs are stuffed.
          Polyairs cost about $120.00 each supplied. Mine were fitted by ARB Bendigo. Details - Polyair Bag 5.38 x 8.5
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            Thanks for the input fellas I appreciate it.


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