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    Just like to say hi, Im new here...

    As always i know this topic would have been covered b4 but i have not been able to find it.

    I'm thinking of buying a late 90's pajero, and wanting to know what things i need to look out for.

    I will be upgrading from a 94 soft top Vitara, as i want a tourer more so then a play car.

    Any help would be great

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    Hi and welcome.
    From reading most posts and my personal experiences -
    I would recommed an NL or later. 3.5 V6. The earlier 3.0L V6 is fine but a bit under powered and thirsty compaired to the 3.5L - smaller motor pushing the same weight.
    NL available as GLS, Escape and GLX.
    Like any car look out for service history and what the vehicle was used for. If constantly used for towing, then springs could be sagged. Check the 4wd system works in all gears. I'm not an expert so I'll leave any other mechanical suggestions to the people that know
    97 NL GLX - 2"OME Suspension, Airbags, ARB Bullbar- X9 Winch, Long Range Tank, Piranha Dual Battery System, UHF, Flares, ARB Compressor - air tank, BFG 265 75 R16 A/T, Draw system, Engel Fridge, Roof top tent - many more mods to come.......


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      Hi Teddy

      I have a NL Escape 1999 and find it to be a fantastic vehicle. No its not a Landcruiser or Patrol but they are certainly VERY capable 4WD's, and if your not wanting to climb over 6ft boulders- they do the job quite nicely! Mine has dual airbags, cruise power everything- Its everything I want in a car. Highly recommend this model.


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