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Low Fuel warning light

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  • Low Fuel warning light

    Hi Guys

    I have a 92 nh Paj V6,
    i know it has a low fuel warning light in the instrument cluster, but it has never came on, even when fuel is low. is this meant to work or is it just there? bulb is ok.

    2013 MY13 VRX

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    Yes it should work. Put some fuel in a jerry and drive it till it runs out to see if the light ever comes on. Should come on when you have about 10LT left in the tank.
    Cheers, John.
    LC200 V8 goodness

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      Mine guage sits beyond "E" for a while before the light comes on.. though my tank has been beaten around a little bit. But try the jerry can idea too.
      Steele Perkins (#1263)
      NP Pajero with added goodness..


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        I didnt even know I had one untill the fuel gauge was sitting right on empty the other day.



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          Hi On my NL if I fill up with fuel as soon as the light illuminates it only takes about 82 lt so there should still be 10lt in the tank
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            My NH low fuel light starts to glow once Ive driven about 25 - 40kms after hitting the empty mark on the guage.


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              HI Guys
              Thanks 4 the info, i guess ive never left the fuel to run that low below the E mark, worried i might run out of fuel..

              Ill probably try the jerry can when i get a chance..

              2013 MY13 VRX


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