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Help needed - mechanical clunking noise

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  • Help needed - mechanical clunking noise

    Hi all,

    any thoughts on the noise coming from the front of my 97 NK.
    When I turn the wheel back from being at full lock to the left, I get a fairly loud clunking noise from the front. Also managed to get the noise to occur last week as I was coming off the kerb, though I've been unable to get the noise to happen again by coming of a kerb. The noise sounds as if its from the front right wheel well, but that could just be because I'm listening from the drivers seat. I've changed in the last year, the lower ball joint, and also had off the upper suspension arm. Just had the suspension lifted, but the noise was evident prior to that.
    97 NK

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    Hi. My NL crossmember bolts were loose and made a similar noise. Six months later it developed a clunk when reversing with full left lock. The suspension guys just tighted up everything and its fixed. They were unable to tell me what it was.
    2005 NP Exceed DiD .TJM Alloy Bull Bar. Dual Battery
    TX3440 UHF. Airtec Snorkel and false floor. Intercooler and sump guard.


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      Hi, May be worth checking the idler arm - once the bearing fails it allows the shaft to move back and forth in the body which makes a clunk noise - it's located in the passenger front side ..

      Jack up the left hand front wheel and grab the wheel - move as if turning, look at the shaft of the idler arm if the bearing is stuffed you'll see the shaft moving back and forth, not pivoting on it's own axis...


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