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Maximum tyre size for 95 NJ GLS LWB

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  • Maximum tyre size for 95 NJ GLS LWB

    Hi, I am looking at upgrading the standard tyres I have on my 95 NJ GLS LWB. Does anyone know what size I could go up to without and body or suspension lifts?

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    If it a GLS I'd be guessing that you are running the equivalent of 31X10.5's??
    I also guess that you'd be aiming to replace the rims? - I've heard that 33"s in height will be close to a comfortable fit ??

    I'm running 32"s and the gap between wheel and guards is OK but begining to look a bit tight when I want to fit heavy duty snow chains. While mine's only the poverty spec version taller tyres might cause me some grief - and I'm only running cheese cutters (235 wide).
    If you want to go much bigger think not only what might fit as a 'clean' tyre but also what clearance might be needed if you want to fit chains (an often overlooked point and one that Pwardo owners cringe at - have a look at the upper arm to tyre clearance if you get a chance!)

    I'm sure other NJ GLS owners running big tyreswill be able to provide heaps of advise.
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      Which engine do you have? The 3.5/2.8 have a "factory body lift", so the body sits 30mm higher on the chassis than the 3.0.

      3.0 GLS models came with 265/70-15, which is approximately 30" tall. Later GLS models (with the "factory lift" came with the same profile on a 16" rim, which is essentially 31x10.5R16.

      Either model can cope with a 1" upsize without trouble - but you probably have 15" rims, in which case the 31x10.5R15 is probably your simplest solution on the factory rims. But be aware that it's load rating (109) is lower than that required for a GLS (110). Silly really: 109 is acceptable for an 80 Series 'Cruiser, but not a Gen 2 Pajero. Unless you fit the GL's 235/75-15 (29") tyres, which are perfectly acceptable with a load rating of 105.

      If you have 3.5/2.8 and 16" rims (like the 16x7" factory alloys from the NK/NL) then I recommend the 265/75R16 - effectively 32x10.5", huge selection of tyres available, very high load ratings (122/123) in LT versions (= "tougher" tyre, in my opinion.)


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        I have the 3.5L but it still has 15" rims on it. I only bought the car recently and thought that it had a bit of a lift on it as it is higher that my old NH SWB but just put it down to it being a LWB. I ended up buying a set of 31X10.5R15 mud tyres with sunraiser rims from this forum for it. Dying to get it out in the bush but have not had a chance as yet.


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          I have recently picked up a tidy, relativley low kms 1992 NH SWB and have been scouring the forum for Gen2 suspension and wheel/tyre threads. Obviosuly found this one and many others that are interesting and informative. However I have a few questions that remain unanswered or perhaps I am rubbish at searching...

          I'm looking at putting a suspension kit through the shorty, probably something like a standard Lovells/Dobinsons springs with Koni shocks or the like.

          It appears that with a careful torsion bar wind up I should be able to get a around a two inch or 40-50mm lift across the board, agree? If my understanding is correct and that size lift will not cause too much grief to the cv's etc (please feel free to let me know if this is incorrect), so my only questions are really tyre related.

          I currently have 31/10.5R15s on the standard NH GLS 15" rims and would like to put some larger rubber under the shorty. Is my best bet to get some 16" rims to open up a lot more tyre choices, like some 265/75R16 (are these much taller than the 31/10.5R15s?) or 285/75R16 (will these fit under the wheel arches with a standard lift?)?
          Or has anyone considered and/or will they fit - BF Goodrich MT's in an odd 33/10.5R15?




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            G'day Jason
            I went right through this with Vicroads and they won't allow (at this stage) any tyre that is 15mm greater diameter than standard. Sure you can put on 31 X 10.5 X 15s but in the event of an accident (and in the event it is picked up) your NJ will be deemed illegally modified and the insurance might not pay.
            I reckon it's the biggest load of galabage I have ever heard of as the 31s are 17mm bigger or something ridiculous like that. Anyway ... just telling you what I found out.
            P.S. I ended up getting Cooper AT-Rs 265X70X15. I'm happy
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