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    Hi everyone.

    I am new to 4wd`s I just purchased a 1999 3.5 exceed pajero.
    I have been a part of the Toyota Soarer community for the last 4.5 years and have heavily modified my twin turbo soarer I am now over fast cars and have been looking at boating and 4wd`s I happened to come accross this Pajero that was parked on the side of the road and got it well under the market value..

    it has a fair bit of kays 296000 to be exact .apart from drivers seat leather rips all else is in very good condition for the kays it has travelled.

    some questions ????

    are these 5 speeds gearshift sloppy or is it a used bush or something thats common with these?

    I also have a srs air bag light on the dash allways on while driving..

    also is there a parts cd available for these cars as I bring in Toyota parts from Japan maybe could also help out with Mitsu parts if thats ok with mods?

    thanks in advance for any assistance..

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    G'day and welcome Muz.

    Got limited experience with NL's gears [mine is manual and parent's is auto, so i've nothing to compare!]- as far as i can tell mine is not 'sloppy' as such. my guess is that unless you seem to have overly large movements then something might be amiss; otherwise its probably just something your not used to coming from a sports style machine!

    re SRS.. the following is an extract from the owners manual
    "The system checks itself and the lamp tells you if there is a problem. When the ignition key is turned to ON or START, the warning lamp should illuminate for about 7 seconds then go out. This means the system is ready.
    NOTE: If any of the following conditions occur, the SRS is not working correctly and you should immediately have it inspected by an authorised Mitsubishi dealer:
    1) The SRS warning lamp does not illuminate when you start the vehicle.
    2) The SRS warning lamp does not go off after about 7 seconds.
    3) The SRS waning lamp illuminates while driving."

    so i would suspect you have a problem of some sort- for such a critical safety system i'd take it to someone who knows!

    now, have you got any photos of your Paj?????
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    Towing: 4.8m Savage Centurion half-cab w/75hp Mariner

    '99 NL GLS SWB, Auto - Bullbar, D697LT, spotties, UHF, Koni adjustables & King springs.

    Wanted: Adventure.


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      Hey muz,

      I own a 99 NL Exceed auto, good to see it's good for at least another 130,000 kays ! I've never had a prob with the air bag light, but i would assume there something wrong. in there. I would get the sensor checked out in case there's the bag won't inflate during a prang.



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        a friend of mine has this same model [ 99 ] he had a simular problem with gear stick slop, replace the gear lever as the ball end was worn.
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          I've got an NL and no probs with the gear shift (yet). As for the airbag light, get it checked.

          Oh and welcome.


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            thanks for all the help.

            when I put the lever for the transfer case forward I have the lights of the front wheels flashing is this a sensor problem?

            I do also have intermittent lifter noise.

            also looking at getting clutch upgraded any reccomendations of a shop in sydney that can do it as mine is on its way out. whats the general cost of doing this job?



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