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A/T TEMP light and batt light stay on

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  • A/T TEMP light and batt light stay on

    Hey guys just shifted my charcoal canister to the drivers side so i could fit a dual batt tray in my NJ swb put new hoses on it then went to start the car and the A/T TEMP light and the batt light came on and both stayed on also the amp gauge will only go to 8 did have the batt disconected and when i put it back on the alarm went nuts has the alarm got somethig to do with it any help would be good help

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    make sure you hooked up all the wires properly with good connections as it sounds like the alternator is not getting it's charge to the system properly or it has died
    94 NJ 3L Auto Stocker


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      Ditto, check all your wiring as your symptons suggest a low voltage problem.
      Cheers, Jim.
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        what a dick i am

        Found the problem first tek screw i put in to my custom dodgey home made batt tray went through the loom on the inner gaurd that little voice in the back off my head said check there before you it up oh well onto the snorkel now what could go wrong ahhhhhhhhhh


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          Good that you found it and that it did not cause a fire...
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