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91 NH SWB - Help with Flashing lights

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  • 91 NH SWB - Help with Flashing lights

    Hi All,
    We just picked up a 91 pajero. There is a picture on the dash of the 4 wheels, the axles and drive shaft. As you know the four wheels light up when it is put in 4 wheel drive. However when you take it out of 4wd, the 'front wheels lights start flashing and the back wheels stay on. Is this normal or is it a problem? I don't have a proper manual as yet and the hand book doesn't seem to mention it. I thought it might be the front hubs not disengaging, I backed up about 10 meters but it is still the same.
    Col and Nat

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    There are switches on the transfer case and one on the front disconnect. An ECU reads them all to drive the light display; flashing front lights means there's inconsistency between transfer case switches and the front axle switch.

    If lights are working in 4wd, but flashing in 2wd, I'd say the front switch is indicating the disconnect isn't disconnected. This could be a shorted wire, a dodgy switch, or (most likely) the disconnect isn't disconnected due to a vacuum problem.

    With the engine running and transfer in 2wd, jack ONLY your front right wheel off the ground and turn it. It should turn freely, and NOT cause the front prop shaft to turn. If the front prop shaft turns with the wheel, it is not disconnected. Find the vacuum actuator on the front diff and check for vacuum in the hoses. When you select 4wd, vacuum should move from one hose to another. If there's no vacuum, or it doesn't switch, that's your problem. Check for broken fittings, leaks, electrical switching of the two vacuum solenoids on the firewall.

    Edit: Check the FAQ! Onya Dave!

    Good luck,

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      The bottom pair of lights always stay on if you havn't guessed. Shows you are in 2wd )
      The top lights flashing , as said above shows the system is thinking about changing the system to your latest request. But shoudn't flash for more than 5 to 10 seconds.
      Going around a corner, or accelerating or slowing down sometimes helps in the mechanical system in changing.
      As mentioned above, it needs doing on a regular basis to keep the system reliable. maybe do a few changes every month or so. With wet weather on bitumen is fine. As long as you don't lock the centre diff, the red light in the middle.
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        Well i have had the same prob with my 93 NH pajero with the noise as well...well what i did was to see if the 2 solenoids are working (near the break booster ) these work the vacum to engage and disengage the 4wd.Take off the hose from the yellow solenoid with car running and engage 4wd to see if u have a vacum then disegage 4wd and do the same with the other solenoid (blue) if they dont work as in no vacum can be felt spray wd40 into the ends were the hoses connect to the soleoids and try again with out the hose's on if still no good u will need to try to put power on to the solenoids to get them to open then spray wd40 into them,if all ok connected hoses and try to engage and dissengage 4wd.If still no go go to the actuactor and disconnect hoses from there and spray wd40 in the actuacter,if still no good u will have to get the free wheeling clucth switch out from the fron diff its a bit tight but can be done just have to watch out as the wires are sealed into switch and u have to turn the wires with the switch to undo it,then test it with a multy meter and clean again with wd40 and reinstall just make sure u get the washer with the switch to put it back in (very tricky to reinstall it) well this does work as i have done it my NH pajero and also a friends pajero and it has fixed the problem with the lights and the front diff noise "

        From a previous post.


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          I have found that the lights will continue to flash until you come to a dead stop after taking it out of 4 wheel drive. I do not know if that helps any because you said that you havre tried going backwards/ forwards.




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            Unless you've got a problem, they will eventually drop out/disengage. Sometimes they take longer to do so, and it also depends how far you've been driving in 4H.
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