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Magna engine swap, BIG project

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    So, the Magna engine is in and I've done almost 1000 k's.

    The surging is dissapating. I suspect it might be the fuel pressure regulator and with regular use it's coming good. Before I bought it the car sat for over a year under a tree in the previous owners yard.

    Who said cars don't heal? :-)

    The engine works just fine. I've never driven a standard 3 litre Paj so I don't know how it goes compared to a Paj powered Paj. I definately goes MUCH better than my old 2.8 litre MK Patrol. But that was heavier and had a smaller engine. 0 - 100 KMH in the Paj? I'd guess around 20 seconds. LOL.

    There have been a few minor issues, none engine related.

    This car cost me $450. The Magna (with 190,000 k's on the clock) was $300 but I got $140 for parts off it and $100 for the wreck. So the engine effectively cost me $60.

    Also for $773.63 I bought...
    - cruise control switch
    - dizzy
    - coil and TFI
    - leads and plugs
    - clutch
    - spigot bearing
    - full engine gasket kit
    - throttle body
    - oil, oil filter and coolant
    - various interior bits and pieces
    - SAAS oil pressue guage
    - SAAS volt gauge
    - Glycerine and glue for inclinometre repair
    - Engine paint (Ford Blue rocker covers!!!)
    - 4 x ball joints

    For $1284 (plus rego costs) I now have a GREAT rust free, roadworthy and nice looking NH GLS Pajero with a good engine. But the input shaft is noisy and I need to look at the Super Select. I have a set of free wheeling hubs so I might put them in and lock the Super Select out.

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    1995 NJ Paj GLS, 3.5 DOHC 24 valve, manual.


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      mate, you gotta be happy with that well done!
      1995 GLS 3.5, optioned to the shhizam with just couple of mods


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        Does anyone know if the magna heads will work with the pajero block?

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          Yes they do andrew, the blocks are identical and so is the bare heads.
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20210331_113644.jpg
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Size:	329.8 KB
ID:	1079252 99'' TH MAGNA 3.5ltr ENGINE CONVERTED TO FIT INTO 03 MK TRITON v6 Autoi,2wd Dual Cab

            thanks Micko66 for your posts and inspiration........or damnation. lol! until i finish my conversion i wont know which one.
            Still early days . Have both motors out in started process of striping 3ltr of what i need. I think it a bit less involved sinse i have no front diff/transfer case and all my bell housing bolt holes on auto seem t o line up ..... maybe.