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Hard to start warm / low idle cold

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  • Hard to start warm / low idle cold

    Hi everyone,
    I have a 1995 2.8 litre turbo diesel that has a couple of issues that may or may not be linked. The first issue is when starting from cold it will only idle at about 200 - 300 and I have to use the hand throttle to keep it at 700 plus. A few Kms down the road the hand throttle can be released and the car will idle normally.
    The second and more frustrating issue issue is once the car is warm and the glow plugs are no longer initiating, the car will take anything from 6 or 10 turns to start. Even after long trips it does this. From cold I give the the glow plugs a couple of "heatups" and it starts OK ish.
    I've had a bit done to the car in the last month and the problem remains the same ie. new battery, new glow plugs (double checked), idle adjusted, valves adjusted, new injectors, new fuel pump, new hand primer pump, air and fuel filters changed , starter motor checked o. k. The local "experts" have run out of ideas. I've had the car from new and its only the last year this has started to happen - Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - Thanks Brian

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    Same problem

    Brian this is the exact problem i have with my pajero. i ahd the glow plugs and injectors replaced and the timming changed and i still get a rough idle when cold. this is the first time that some one else has had the same problem


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      Seems to be a trait of this vehicle, mine ('94 2.8TDI) does the exact same thing, I was thinking of replacing the glow plugs at nearly $200 a pop, but after reading your mail I will reconsider.
      I do have nearly 400k on the clock though so I have been putting it down to that during the winter. In the summer every thing is fine.


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        Glad to hear I'm not the only one with these problems as it means more people will be trying to find ways to fix it.
        I have posted the same message on the Mitsubishi Pajero owners club of UK site in the "starting issues" section and have been getting a little bit of feedback. I wont get a chance to check things out till the weekend and it looks like I'll have to learn a lot more about my car. ie looking for the "cold start device", but cant seem to find it? (The car ran so well I never opened the bonnet for 11 years)
        Any ideas what would be a good manual to learn what all the different engine bitties are ?

        Thanks again - Brian


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          The slower idle at start I thought is standard for the 2.8TD engine?
          My 96 2.8TD has been like this from new. Now done 290,000k.
          Just put it down to the fact that diesels don't come with chokes and fast idle screws like petrol engines).
          Few minutes holding it on the hand throttle and all is fine.
          Same with the A/C cutting in, idle slows down, so a bit of hand throttle helps.
          John C AKA oldplodder

          1996 LWB - 2.8l turbo diesel

          too many extras to list, who cares anyway,
          when they get a bit older just grateful it still goes OK.


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            Its good to see other people have the same prob. im thinking of putting some of that alpine additive for diesels into the tank to see if that helps. maybe it is a problem with the fuel lines when in cold weather


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              Originally posted by tdipajero View Post
              Its good to see other people have the same prob. im thinking of putting some of that alpine additive for diesels into the tank to see if that helps. maybe it is a problem with the fuel lines when in cold weather
              I have started to experience rough running on start up with a small amount of white smoke and was wondering if it was fuel related.
              This winter I mostly purchase my fuel in Wagga and I'm not sure if it an alpine mix.
              I will have to change where I buy my fuel for a test. Will pass on the findings.

              2010 NT D-ID


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                Hi all, I'm new to the forum but have a NL 98 2.8TDI with the same cold start issues. I've been scratching my head for ages trying to work out what it is to no avail. I get loads of white smoke, low idle speed and very rough idle for about 30 seconds after a cold start.

                In checking the glow plugs, I've found that the relay stays on for about 8 seconds longer AFTER the glow plug light in the dash goes out. If I wait the full 8 seconds and then turn ignition off and on againn to reactivate the glow plugs for additional 8 seconds, the car will start and idle smoothly. The total of 16 seconds pre-heat makes the engine idle smoothly straight away and I get bugger all white smoke although I still need the hand throttle to keep the idle around 800rpm.

                This would suggest to me the glow plugs are worn but since I have a workaround, I haven't bothered changing the glow plugs yet. Can someone try my technique and see if it works for them?

                So, anyone know what causes the rough idle cold start problem?
                1998 NL 2.8TD, GLX, manual, 255/85R16 BFG KM2s, custom rock sliders, custom winch bar


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                  Hey KrazyKat
                  You are correct, the relay is still on after the light goes out, I have tried this and it does make a difference on most days. Only on really cold days this does not work I find.
                  You can hear the relay "clunk" when it does finally turn off the glowies.
                  Could be just old glowies but if this works I will do the same as you and keep using the "double turn on" method to start in the mornings.


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                    same prob

                    95 tdi same prob new injectors nil diff, new glow plugs no diff.
                    spoke to previous owner said it always idled like crap from cold.
                    200k he did on the car
                    Use hand throttle thats the only thing that seems to work.
                    Took it to a diesel mech told me its common. apparently new pajs have some computer that adjust timing and idle on cold starts..
                    Live with it????


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