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    Hi guys,
    I am in the midst of purchasing a NH pajero, only problem is it has been sitting for a couple of years. The fuel pump no longer works, that is an easy fix, what I want to know is, with the fuel being 18 or so months old, I know it would be best to drain the tank, but how do I drain the tank in the Pajero?

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    there is a drain plug on the bottom of the tank, just drain it into a bucket or 2.


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      Also, after doing nothing for such a long time it makes sense to check all the rubber lines for fuel and vacuum as well as the bushes, especially in the front end.
      One problem with old and stale fuel in a system is that it tends to crystalise in certain areas.
      Might not be the right term, but anyway metal, fuel and other things decompose and can leave this crystal hard residue, especially in areas where fuel usually does not move much anyway.
      Removing the fuel lines to the injectors so the fresh fuel can do a good flush might save you trouble later on
      Leave the old filter in for the flush and replace with a new one once you are with all the cleaning and flushing, this way you get the dirt out and won't fill up a new filter with old goo.
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