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NJ Paj Cruise Control Swap

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  • NJ Paj Cruise Control Swap

    Hi guys, I have 2 NJ 3.0 wagons (long story, don't ask!) and I'm swapping the cruise control from one to the other. They are both GLX models, one of them has previously been fitted with genuine cruise at one stage.
    Pretty straight forward swap, switches, cable setup & module all done no probs, but found a bridge in the wiring connector for the ECU. It joins 2 pins together on the non cruise equipped car. Any idea what the hell this is for? I'm guessing I should swap the bridge over into the car the cruise is coming out of.

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    If you're talking about the engine ecu harness bridged over to the cruise harness and they are red/green and yellow/red then these need to be connected just as they are in the cruise equipped paj as they are for the cruise ecu from the tps.
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      Nah, the connector for the cruise module. It was capped and had a small bridge across 2 pins on the non cruise car. Had to remove the cap & the bridge to connect the module.


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