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vacuum hose configuration

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  • vacuum hose configuration

    g'day, would anyone have a diagram for the front diff vacuum hose configuration? would like to check mine is right. thanks

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    Originally posted by rudegeorge View Post
    g'day, would anyone have a diagram for the front diff vacuum hose configuration? would like to check mine is right. thanks
    If you have the original vacuum hoses and vacuum solenoids, you match the blue striped hose with the vacuum solenoid with the blue dot.

    Same goes for the yellow.

    Not sure if the diff end is colour coded, but if it is, it's yellow to yellow and blue to blue.

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      Thanks andrew. The vacuum lines have no stripes on them . Just black hoses.


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        Don't have a pic on hand but the routing is very easy. Keep in mind both solenoids are identical, just the routing is different between them. The colour dot is just for routing identification only.

        If you look closely you will see these are three port(2way) solenoids. One port is common and always connected to one of the other two ports depending on whether it is energised or off. There is a vac line from brake booster hardline that goes into a small plastic 4way adaptor and there is also a little white one way check valve that keeps vacuum at the solenoids when car is switched off.
        On the little adaptor, one port is obviously vac from brake booster hardline, one goes down to the canister on the xmember riggt next to the drivers side lower rear control arm mount, the other two are for the solenoids.

        With the solenoids there is a top port sticking up (common), one next to it at the front(call it port3) and one at the back of it that's under where the wires plug in (call it port2).

        Common and port2 are open together when solenoid is off, common and port3 are open together when solenoid is energised. The diff actuator hose lines (2 of) go to the common port, vac line from the brake booster is what matters!!

        On the diff actuator, the port on diff pumkin side is disengage (aka yellow), port on other side is engage (aka blue). The yellow needs to go to port3 on one solenoid, blue needs to go to port2 on the second solenoid.

        The spare port on both solenoids has a venting cap. This is so the vac line to the diff actuator can relieve itself of pressure when unused so the Ctuator doesn't have vacuum pressure on both sides.
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          Will this help you out.
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            thankyou guys!


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