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Strange "plastic" type smell and some smoke

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  • Strange "plastic" type smell and some smoke

    I just had the timing belt, water pump, seals, crank bolt etc. done together with a new rocker cover gasket to remove an annoying oil leak and all new belts. Decided it was now safe to take my 4.2m tinnie up to lake eildon for some overdue fishing.

    The trip up was uneventful with the car running like a dream - I was manually changing in/out of overdrive (i.e. pusing/engaging the O/D button) when pulling up hills and on longer straights as required. No probs - changed every time with no issues.

    Dropped the boat in and had a good day on the water. We only caught 1 yellow belly - but what a wopper - I would say about 4kg (others may not haha)

    The boat ramp at Jamiesons River is pretty steep so when I took the boat out i put the car in 1st gear on the selector and drove up the hill to the car park (not very far at all). When I got to the top there was a lot of smoke from the back of the car (did not look blue) and a strange "plastic" type smell. This lasted for only about 30 seconds but was very disturbing.

    We loaded up and I drove back - a little worried so took it easy. We had no drama on the way back and no further smoke or strange smells. The AT light did not come on at all.

    Now...I have gone over what I did pulling the boat out:
    - manually selected Low gear (1st)
    - handbrake off (I think - but still not really sure)
    - no brakes on the boat trailer and nothing dragging - so was not the boat
    - Dont think the exhaust went into the water - but could have as my son said he saw water coming from the exhaust when the smoke/smell was happening
    - No AT light

    There has to be a sane rational explanation for this but frankly it eludes me.

    This has spooked me to the point that I have booked the paj in for an auto trans service this friday although had no problems on the return trip.

    Would appreciate any comments/suggestions

    1995 NJ 3.5 DOHC GLX LWB|Uniden UHF|Bull Bar||Maxxis A/T 771/roof rack/awning

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    I guess the explanation of your problem is far easier than you might hink
    If the ramp is really steep there is a high chance that the filter inside the rocker cover is flooded with oil.
    So oil is forced out and back into your air intake - resulting in bad smoke and bad smell.
    Should not happen on normale boot ramps on little hill climbs though.
    Follow the breather hose and check the air intake for oil residue, if you find some you know what happened
    '94 2.8TD, 2" lift, low mount winch, bullbar, roofrack, UHF, custom drawers, HID spotties, cam, GPS....
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      Thank you for the explanation - just knew someone on here would have an idea!

      I have just changed the oil /filter as well - perhaps I over filled the oil?

      Will still get the tranny serviced - oil looks a little darker than it should.

      Much appreciated.
      1995 NJ 3.5 DOHC GLX LWB|Uniden UHF|Bull Bar||Maxxis A/T 771/roof rack/awning


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